Dispensing High-Pressure Gas

CNG Ball Valves

  • Use with compressors, dispensers, priority panels, isolation valves, CNG storage
  • Suitable for use with CNG, Helium, Bio-Gas, Nitrogen, Air and other gases on enquiry

Available Types:

  • Ball Valves
  • Ready-to-Mount Valves
  • Sandwich Valves
  • Air Torque Actuated Ball Valves
  • YTC Limit Switches
Update: 10.2020

CNG Check Valves

  • Unidirectional flow applications such as dispensers, fill panels, priority panels, compressors, trailers and service stations
  • Suitable for use with CNG, Helium, Bio-Gas, Nitrogen, Air and other gases on enquiry

Available Types:

  • 100 Series
  • 200 Series
  • 300 Series
Update: 10.2020

CNG Quick Couplers

  • Use with Fast Flow Filling systems, storage cascade to trailer / transporter, trailer / transporter connection to daughter station and direct feed to CNG dispensers
  • Suitable for CNG, Bio-Gas, Nitrogen and Air

Available Types:

  • Ultra Fast Fill Quick Coupler
  • HC308 Ice Cover
Update: 10.2020

CNG Manifolds

  • Use for dispenser, bulk gas trailers, bulk gas cylinder storage stacks, gas vehicle cylinder stacks, fast fill cylinder stacks
  • Suitable for use with CNG, Helium, Bio-Gas, Nitrogen and Air

Available Types:

  • Dispenser Manifold
  • Priority Manifold
  • Trailer Load/Unload Manifold
Update: 02.2021

CNG Fill Valves and Nozzles

  • At dispensers for car, bus and truck refuelling
  • Trailer load/unload systems
  • Suitable for use with CNG and Bio-Gas

Available Types:

  • Fill Valve
  • Fill Valve Outlet Adaptors & Extensions
  • NGV1 P30/P36 Fuelling Nozzle
  • Bus and Truck Nozzle
  • Light Duty Fill Valve & Nozzle
Update: 10.2020

CNG Breakaway Couplings

  • Protects CNG dispensers from drive-away incidents
  • Suitable for use with high flow CNG systems such as virtual pipeline transport trailers and bulk storage and in public and private CNG refuelling stations

Available Types:

  • Inline Trailer Breakaway
  • Dispenser Breakaway
  • Vent Hose Breakaway
Update: 02.2021

Manual SB-CNG (IB102/IB103)

  • Reusable CNG Dispenser Safety Break for CNG refuelling of passenger cars at petrol stations
  • ANSI/IAS NGV4.4-1999 R2014 / CSA 12.54M99. PED. CRN.
Update: 10.2020

 CNG Information and Manuals

  • CNG Ball Valves
  • CNG Check Valves
  • CNG Quick Couplers
  • CNG Manifolds
  • CNG Fill Valves and Nozzles
  • CNG Breakaway Couplings
  • Manual SB-CNG Breakaway

Meeting the Challenge of the Gas Energy Market

The today's engery market consists of tough conditions for transporting, storing, processing and handling flammable or liquefied gases. Our refuelling equipment minimises risks of fuel storage and dispensing with high-pressure gas such as CNG and other technical gases. The specific equipment properties and the way in which they are used ensure efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness in many processes.

Our well-built CNG components are manufactured by our daughter company Oasis Engineering in New Zealand. Oasis is an internationally operating specialist for valves and couplings used in the gas energy and transport industry, providing solutions to handle greater volumes, higher pressures and tough reliability requirements.

The long-lasting and field-proven equipment is suitable for technical gases such as:

  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  • Biogas
  • Air
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium


Well-Engineered Solutions

Our standard products have been designed and customised as make-to-order engineering parts to supply customers in over 40 countries.

The developed Ultra Fast Fill Sytem to transfer CNG or other industrial gases provide users with the highest efficiencies for the entire refuelling system – safe, quick, ultra fast cool fills.

The components comply with PED 2014/68/EU. Most of our products ar designed for working pressures up to 410 bar (6000 psi). Download: Certificates


  • Turnkey solutions
  • highest flow rates
  • Meet rigid safety requirements
  • Operate within strict hygiene criteria
  • Durable and easy servicing